Qwest Bill Pay

Accessing Your Qwest Account

Qwest was a phone service taken over by CenturyLink in 2010. Southern Pacific Telecom (SPT) was the original name of the company. In 1991, SPT started offering long distance phone coverage, which led to a name change in 1995 to Qwest. After the takeover, CenturyLink absorbed the company and the Qwest name was retired.

Qwest Bill Pay Details

Qwest bill pay statements likely reflect the cable and Internet service for the following month. Home phone is billed for basic charges a month in advance, but any extra charges will be billed the following month. There is no mention of how wireless bills are charged, but those bills are typically post-paid.

How to Pay Your Bill

  • By phone: Customers can call 1-888-646-0004 to make a payment for the Qwest bill pay statement by phone.
  • By mail: Qwest bill pay services multiple areas and there are different mailing addresses for each location. You should send your payment by mail to the address listed on your bill, complete with the payment stub from your bill and a personal check with your account number printed on the check. You can also enter your area code online [+] to find your mailing address.
  • Online payments: Quick pay [+] and online bill pay XXX are available. Online bill pay requires customers register for an online account [+].

Types of Credit Cards Accepted by Qwest Bill Pay

Qwest bill pay accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Finding Help to Pay your Qwest Bill

There is no payment assistance available for cable services, but Qwest does provide Internet Basics [+], a program for low-income residents who need Internet connection. Lifeline [+] is a program for low-income phone customers. If you are having trouble paying your bill and you do not qualify for one of the payment assistance programs available from Qwest bill pay, you can contact customer service for a payment arrangement.

Penalties and Fees for Late Qwest Bill Payments

Late payment fees are charged to your account if you do not pay the entire balance by the due date. If you only have Internet services from Qwest bill pay, you will be charged a $5 late fee. If you have bundled services, you are charged an undisclosed percentage of the amount due and a $5 late fee.

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