Comcast Bill Pay

Comcast Bill Pay

Accessing Your Comcast Account

In order to access your Comcast bill, you will need to sign into your account [+]. Enter your username and your password. Select “My Account” and navigate the billing and payments section. After making your selection, you can review the available payment options.

Comcast Bill Pay Details

When you receive your first Comcast bill, you will notice changes from initiating service. Subsequent bills include charges for the current month and are due the following month. Check your bill to see the billing cycle.

How to Pay Your Bill

  • By phone: You can pay your bill payment by calling the customer service department at 1-800-266-2278. When making a bill payment, you may incur a processing fee.
  • By mail: Customers can send your bill payment to the address listed in your bill or to a local Comcast office [+]. Ensure you send your payment prior to the due date, considering the time it takes to process your payment.
  • Online payments: You have the ability to make a one-time online bill payment or set-up recurring online bill payments [+]. Sign into your account and select the automatic payments tab at the bottom of the overview page. Select your payment method and enter your billing information. Accept the terms and conditions, and then confirm your information is correct. You will receive a confirmation message stating your payment may take up to 45-days to post to your account.

Types of Credit Cards Accepted by Comcast Bill Pay

If you make your Comcast bill payment by credit card, you have the opportunity to use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and your bank credit card.

Finding Help to Pay your Comcast Bill

In the event you are facing a financial hardship, you need to reach out to the customer service department prior to your due date. The website does not provide information relating to bill payment assistance plans, but recommends contacting the customer service department as soon as you receive a late payment notification.

Penalties and Fees for Late Comcast Bill Payments

Customers making late payments will inure fees and penalties [+]. The amount of the fees depends on the date the customer service department receives your bill payment. Additional penalties include interruption of service as well as termination of service. In the event your service is interrupted or terminated, you will incur additional fees to reinstate your service.

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    • Kosoko says:

      The CableCard limitation you speak of is bsaucee until recently, they’ve been one-way communication, but I heard a few months back that there were bidirectional CableCards coming, so I imagine that’s what they’re using. Presumably, to take advantage of this service, you’ll have to have your CableCard swapped if it’s more than a few years old (probably at least part of the reason why it’s for the Premiere only).That said, I’d love to get this functionality on my TiVo HD. It’s frustrating that as soon as the TiVo Premiere came out, they’ve completely abandoned the perfectly capable Series 3 / HD. They barely even acknowledge its existence. It’s infeasible to port every new feature to every older model, but some level of support or at least acknowledgement and a final word that they don’t plan to bring any new improvements to the HD would be nice.

      • Raunaque says:

        TM It isn’t up to TiVo, the MSO controls acsecs to their VOD systems and would have to make a deal to allow TiVo to do this.EricS That’s Comcast, they’re rolling it out one service area at a time. They have to update their head end VOD systems to support this.GaryG CableCARDs have always been two-way, but UDCPs like TiVo are not allowed to have a transmitted. Nothing has changed there. MSOs supported VOD on TiVo as using an IP back channel for control signalling which requires new support on the head end. So it is an end-run around the UDCP limitations.

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