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Sallie Mae Bill Pay

Sallie Mae Bill Pay

Accessing Your Sallie Mae Account

Visit the Sallie Mae website and sign into your account [+]. After signing into your account, you will notice a tab with information relating to payment options.

Sallie Mae Bill Pay Details

When you receive your monthly bill, you will notice the charges are typically the same. If you adjust your loan, the payments may change. If you do not understand your bill, contact the customer service department.

How to Pay Your Bill

Customers can make a bill payment by signing up for online bill payment, sending your payment by mail or reaching out to the customer service department by phone.

  • By phone: Contact the customer service department at 1-800-272-5543 to make a payment by phone. You are not charged a fee for paying by phone.
  • By mail: Send your bill payment to the address listed in your bill. If you have lost your bill, contact the customer service department prior to the due date of your bill.
  • Online payments: Customers have the ability to sign up for online bill payments. In fact, if you sign up for a recurring payment, you will receive a monthly discount. You can also make a one-time bill payment. You will need to register for online bill payment prior to using this service.

Types of Credit Cards Accepted by Sallie Mae Bill Pay

When you make your monthly bill payment, you have the ability to use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or your Discover Card. If you use your bank-issued credit card, ensure you are using a card with a credit card logo.

Finding Help to Pay your Sallie Mae Bill

Sallie Mae wants to assist customers facing financial hardships [+]. Prior to making a late payment, contact the customer service department to discuss your options. The customer service department has the opportunity to offer information relating to applying for forbearance, deferment as well as a payment reduction. The company can also connect customers with credit counseling services that will assist you in your time of need.

Penalties and Fees for Late Sallie Mae Bill Payments

If you make a late payment, you will notice fees and penalties added to your account. The amount of the fee is based upon the status of your account. Additional penalties associated with making late payments, include collection fees, court costs and wage garnishments.

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