Bradford Exchange Bill Pay

Bradford Exchange Bill Pay

Accessing Your Bradford Exchange Account

Customers needing to access your Bradford Exchange account [+] will need to use your email address and your password to sign in. After signing into your account, navigate to your account settings. You will notice payment options. This is the section of your account where you have the opportunity to sign up for online bill payments. When your make a purchase, you also have the options to change your payment options.

Bradford Exchange Bill Pay Details

Typically, you will make a payment when you place an order. There are times when your select the Bill Me Later option and you will receive a bill. The bill should represent your past charges. If the bill includes additional charges, contact the customer service department to discuss you bill.

How to Pay Your Bill

Customers have the opportunity to make a bill payment through the online payment system as well as using a valid credit card.

  • By phone: Customers have the opportunity to make a bill payment by calling the customer service department at 1-866-285-1736. The customer service agent can walk you through the process of making a bill payment.
  • By mail: You can send your payment to the customer service department or contact the customer service department for the corporate address.
  • Online payments: You have the ability to register an account and make a payment using the online bill payment system. After your register, your payment is applied to your account.

Types of Credit Cards Accepted by Bradford Exchange Bill Pay

When making a bill payment, you have the opportunity to make a bill payment using your American Express, Discover Card, Visa or MasterCard. Customers also have the ability to make a payment using your bank-issued credit card.

Finding Help to Pay your Bradford Exchange Bill

The Bradford Exchange is available if your need assistance making your monthly bill payment [+]. The company also allows customers to make installment payments in order to satisfy past due obligations. Contact the customer service department for additional payment assistance programs.

Penalties and Fees for Late Bradford Exchange Bill Payments

The company does not offer information relating to penalties and fees associated with your account. If you have a Bradford Exchange credit card, you may incur late payment charges or interest rate increases if you make late payments.

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  1. madeline c. west says:

    make a payment

    • michael says:

      I bought something from this company once and now for some reason I get sent an item every month ,I have never authourised any more purchases and certainly never authourised you to deduct any money from my credit card

  2. madeline c. west says:

    may I register to make a payment

  3. Sierra Wells says:

    I jave an account that is paat due over a year and I need to get it paid but it doesnt show up online. How do I need to go about taking care of that?

  4. Edson says:

    I think this is a real great post.Much thanks again.

  5. Elena Valdez says:

    Whom ever it may concern I being trying to make a payment it’s not letting me sign in nor able to PAYMENT.Thank You Elena Valdez

  6. Elena Valdez says:

    Please sign me in can’t reach this having problems needs to make my payments.Thank You Mrs. VALDEZ

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  9. Yvonne Merrow says:

    Have been trying for 45 minutes to get online to make my 1st payment on the Harley Davidson clock.Please email me and let me know whats wrong.

  10. Yvonne Merrow says:

    Please help me make it possible to sign up online and make my payment.Its very important.

  11. sheila brown says:

    make an online payment

  12. mildred la rosa says:

    Lost my bill statement. I would like to make an online payment.

  13. earl sheppard says:

    cannot acess my account

  14. Mark Miller says:

    I think your web page is Stupid and needs to removed from the internet. If you read the above comments you will see no one can make a payment. there is no payment options and no payment icon or key to post payments. You all need to get this fixed. Or maybe hire a new I.T. man.

  15. Constance Kroninger says:

    I need to talk to someone concerning my 3 payments on my tennis shoes, purse and the frozen Elsa. I can only make 1 payment this month, my monthly check was short I’m trying to find out what happened. But it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. If i could make other arrangements with you pretaining to the other two payments that would be great. Thank you CK

  16. larry whitt says:

    i have been trying to check status of my order for over 30minutes.unable to contact do you contact Bradford exchange in reguards of this problem

  17. michael says:

    try the phone

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